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That Place is the Mind, 80" H x 120" W x 2.25" D, Mixed media on wood panel, 9 panels per installation

"That Place is the Mind" was developed from a previous work series. It combines specific techniques and materials to construct this new piece. It is a reflection of current ideas and subjects, and a rethinking of the familiar. I use the basic visual element of line to create visual impression. The process can be likened to weaving, each line slow and meticulous until the final image emerges.  The sources of inspiration are derived from places I’ve been, places I want to be. These references help me to make connections across reality and imagination. The resulting product is the space in my mind that has come into being through my experience and memory.


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Please Note: The colors of the images on this website may be slightly off compared with the original artwork.
High resolution images of artwork in specific sizes and colors are available upon request.