Proliferating | Artist Statement


Patterns and repetition are the sources of inspiration for my mixed medium work. My focus is on the basic visual elements of dot, line, surface, color, form and light through my various work series. Until I have mastered my skill, Practice Makes Perfect is my mantra. Repetition, as a concept, is a means to reach my visual goals.

I work with epoxy resin and acrylic paint for this new work series: Proliferating. The primary intention is to utilize smaller, repetitive motifs to create a larger image. The repeated use of similar motif in the work helps unify the different parts into a whole. The rhythms in the work are random, regular, alternating, flowing, or progressive. The intention is to create a sense of movement, wholeness and infinity.

These repetitive parts resemble the spread of microorganisms, multiplying cells, growing bacteria, and blooming buds. The resulting product depicts an image that is seemingly without a beginning or the end, without sides or corners. Possessing a sense of limitless discovery.

I hope the repetition provides a reassuring feeling of routine. For the viewer, it is expressed through the contrast, color and structure of the work. Allowing the image to evoke a sense of coherence and overall organization gives the viewer a sense of comfort. Additionally, the reflective surface serves up a visual echo; a mirror inviting the viewer into another state of mind.

Though my working process is a time-consuming affair conducted in a very controlled environment, I find a certain meditative quality in it. Working in this state provides a balance of structure and chaos that is fulfilling to me. It demands self-discipline and satisfies a desire to continually improve my workmanship and developing new ideas.

Please enjoy Proliferating.


Sand T Kalloch

Please Note: The colors of the images on this website may be slightly off compared with the original artwork.
High resolution images of artwork in specific sizes and colors are available upon request.